PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation

PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation

Certification: PRINCE2® Foundation 2017

Accreditor: PEOPLECERT on behalf of AXELOS

Duration:3 Weeks

Delivery:     Classroom

Price: 4750

Time: 2 sessions per week from 5 PM to 9 PM

Domain:      Project Management

* Official courses includes: Instructor led courses – In class attendance – Official International Material from A creditor.

PRINCE2 provides an easily tailored and scalable method for the management of all types of projects. This method is the de facto standard for Project Management and is practiced worldwide. PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) provides common processes, management products, roles, and language for use throughout an organization’s projects.

This 3-day introductory PRINCE2 Foundation course designed to give candidates a comprehensive overview of the PRINCE2@ methodology, whilst ensuring that they are fully equipped to pass the examination.

This course delineates the fundamental constituents of the PRINCE2 2017 methodology, including the processes, themes, and principles that underpin proficient project management. Whilst learning how to increase productivity and functionality of a project, this popular PRINCE2 2017 training course will help candidates appreciate that a project must remain worthwhile and of business value throughout its lifecycle, in order to be deemed a success.


The PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation course will be of interest to:

  • Those considering adopting PRINCE2.
  • Project managers and aspiring project managers.
  • Project team managers and leaders.
  • Project coordinators.

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  • Project support staff.
  • Project officers.
  • Consultants and contractors.
  • Senior responsible owners.
  • Board members.


Learning Objectives:

On completing this course, the participants will gain competencies in:

  • Understand key concepts relating to projects and PRINCE2 2017 edition.
  • Understand how the PRINCE2 principles underpin the PRINCE2 method.
  • Understand the PRINCE2 themes and how they are applied throughout the project.
  • Understand the PRINCE2 processes and how they are carried out throughout the project.
  • How to start, control, and close projects.
  • How to manage quality, risk, change, plans, benefits, etc.
  • How to deliver projects on time, within budget, and to the specified business case.
  • How to tailor PRINCE2 to fit the environment.


There are no formal prerequisites.

Course Overview and Key Concepts:

• About AXELOS
• History of PRINCE2
• Define the characteristics of a project
• Six aspects of project performance
• Integrated elements of PRINCE2
• Understand the key concepts relating to projects and PRINCE2
• Benefits of PRINCE2
• What makes a project a PRINCE2 project
• Customer Supplier context of PRINCE2

PRINCE2 Principles:

• Understand how the PRINCE2 principles provide a framework that underpins good practice.
• The seven PRINCE2 principles are:
Continued business justification
Learn from experience
Defined roles and responsibilities
Manage by stages
Manage by exception
Focus on products
Tailor to suit the project.
• Tailoring PRINCE2 to suit different projects

Business Case Theme:

• Purpose of the business case theme
• Purpose of the business case
• Purpose of Benefits management approach
• Minimum requirements to apply the business case theme
• Key concepts to Business justification

Organization Theme:

• Purpose of the organization theme
• Purpose of the communication management approach
• Roles and responsibilities of the project management team
• Minimum requirements to apply the organization theme
• key concepts to related to organization stakeholders
• Key concepts related to project three prime interests

Quality Theme:

• Purpose of quality theme and quality management products

• Minimum requirements to apply the quality theme
• Explain key concepts related to quality and the difference between:
Quality planning and quality control
Project assurance and quality assurance
Customer quality expectations and acceptance criteria

Plans Theme:

• Purpose of plans theme and Type of plans
• Minimum requirements to apply the plans theme
• Recommended approach to planning and defining analyzing products
• The factors to consider when structuring the project into management stages


Review of evening work:

Risk Theme
• Purpose of risk theme and risk budget
• Purpose of risk management approach and risk register
• Minimum requirements to apply the risk theme
• Key concepts related to risk types, descriptions, responses, roles and values
• Recommended risk management procedure

Change Theme
• Purpose of the change theme and change budget
• Purpose of change control approach, issue register, issue report, etc..
• Minimum requirements to apply the change theme
• Define types of issue
Recommended issue and change control procedure

Progress Theme
• Purpose of the progress theme, daily log, lessons log, lessons report, work package etc
• Minimum requirements to apply the progress theme
• Key concepts related controls, tolerances and exceptions

Purpose, Objectives and Context for:

• Starting up a project process.
• Directing a project process.
• Initiating a project process.
• Controlling a stage process.
• Managing product delivery process.

• Managing stage boundary process.
• Closing a project process.

• Course Recap
• International Exam Review/Practice

International Exam Information

The purpose of PRINCE2 Foundation: 2017 examination is to assess whether the participant can demonstrate sufficient recall and understanding of the PRINCE2 project management method, as described in the PRINCE2 Foundation: 2017 syllabus.






Online/Paper based




Closed Book




Web/In-class proctored




60 minutes + 15 minutes extra for candidates who take the exam in a language that is not their native


# of questions


60 multiple-choice questions


Pass Grade


55% (33 marks or above)

There are no formal prerequisites for taking the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

* indicates required

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