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Innovative Management Technologies & Digital Studies (IMT)

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“At least 40% of all businesses will suffer in the next 10 years if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies”

Digital Marketers Strategists, Behavior Designers, Cyber Analysts, Digital Transformers, Digital Reputation Strategists, Data Scientists, Digital Service Value Managers, Digital Enterprise Governance Change Managers. Those jobs didn’t exist five years ago

In the past, media and technology industries operated through specialized value chains with clearly defined boundaries. Mobile phones were used to make simple voice calls, Walkman’s were used to play cassette tapes, and computers existed mainly to process data. But new technologies have made it possible to convert different kinds of content, a Movie/TV/radio program, a book, a magazine, a song, a phone call all those into digital data, in digital terms, there is little difference between them. At the same time, the Web have made it possible to spread this digitized content in cost effective and globalized ways.

We’re   witnessing   an   unprecedented  shift  in the job market, driven by new needs created by Digital technology and innovative management techniques.

Eslsca School of Innovative Management Technologies & Digital Studies (IMT) is  responding  to  this  shift.  We  saw  the demand for future-forward professionals to have tech-based foundations with business practices, and we launched 4 Specialization Diploma’s and master degree this in addition to offering executive education based in International certification in innovative management technologies to give the job market the versatile and future forward talent it needs.

Eslsca offers education for Careers with no expiration date

Where do you see yourself in a few years? What role will you play in the digital business revolution? In today’s digital-focused business environment, IMT graduates will be highly desired, and ready to take on roles such as:


  • Innovation Strategist
  • Tech Digital Director
  • Tech Strategist Consultant
  • Digital Leader
  • Business Innovator
  • Digital Business Intelligence Manager
  • Innovation Digital Manager
  • Digital Communication Manager
  • Digital Marketing Expert


Business is becoming all about utilizing digital Tech


Digital tech is radically reshaping the  foundations  of  business,  generating opportunities for startups and agile corporations, while putting pressure on entrenched companies that struggle to innovate. This disruption is coming from technologies such as AI-driven bots and apps, blockchain finance, big data analytics, the internet of things (IoT), and augmented reality and wearables devices.

From heavy industry, to financial services and consumer goods, the big established players are finding their businesses at risk from native digital startups that operate without the load of “old Methods” business processes and here new innovative management technologies come to put those cooperation’s in the way to digitization readiness.

Success in digital world is about  talent


The challenge for companies isn’t only tech it’s also talent. From startups to the largest global cooperation’s, there is a growing demand for new professionals who can bridge the gap between technology and business Management.

The digital ecosystem in Egypt is now expanding progressively. The strategic alignment of Eslsca IMT with the industry are mixing the best elements to develop distinguished talents for the Digital Era.

Eslsca – IMT is a career-focused Centre that prepares students for the new economy, whether it be in big data, Change Management, Service Value Chain, Project Management, Digital Transformation or digital marketing, communication & media. IMT prepares  career-focused graduates for success in areas that are undergoing rapid growth and total transformations in the new world of Business.


40% of incumbent companies across twelve industries are expected to be displaced by digital disruption